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One day to Five Days
$1100 per day

Own boat training is aimed to develop confidence to manoeuvre your own yacht in tight spaces including reversing, turning within the length of the yacht and entering/exiting a marina berth.

Own boat training provides the opportunity to apply and adapt manoeuvres and sailing skills which are tailored to your own yachts systems and layout. This includes reefing options aboard, sail plan, anchoring, mooring options (positions of cleats and use of mooring lines) and adapting procedures to compliment the ability of the skipper/crew.

Own boat training can be from one full day to five days away and includes everything from manoeuvring in tight spaces, berthing, using spring lines, sail trim, anchoring or the tuition can focus on key areas you have identified.

There is opportunity to complete an RYA qualification on board for yourself, your partner and a friend (3 people total).

 Please contact Annette to discuss a program which works for you.

Safety and sea survival certificate

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Royal Queensland Yacht Squadron, Royal Esplanade, Manly QLD, Australia

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“It is hard to quantify how much I learnt!” – Andrea

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Complete your RYA certificates on a comfortable, sea kindly yacht; be nourished with fresh cooked produce; combine the sail training and experiences with holiday locations on offer.

QLD, Australia

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