Sailing Through Life: Laurel

Welcome to Part 2 of Sailing Through Life: Three blogs highlighting the richness, diversity and remarkable spirit of three sailors whom I so admire. This week I would like to introduce Laurel.


What brought you to the sailing lifestyle? How did you end up on a boat?

My sister had sailed for years and we grew up in the sea basically. Always at the beach. I have been involved with all sorts of water sports and I am an advanced diver. However, I have never had the chance to sail until I met my partner who lives in his yacht. We did a two week trip all over Moreton Bay and I was hooked straight away

What appeals to you about the sailing lifestyle?

From first stepping on a yacht with the gentle rocking motion, to the adrenaline rush of putting the sails out. From the silence when you turn the engine off and depend totally on the sails to the jolt of the take on the boat when you trim the sails just right.

I have always loved travel. Which for me has always been about the location until now. I love sailing as the travel has also become about the journey as well as the location.

What are you most proud of with your sailing? What are your personal achievements?

I'm actually quite proud of myself for attending a new course (RYA Sail Training with yours truly as Instructor), with new people and learning new things. I have since helmed a yacht solo and set the sails and anchored. Every time I feel the wind on face while I'm helming the yacht, I feel proud of how far I have come in just a few short months.

I feel very grateful for the patience, encouragement and friendship from Annette (that's me :)) who has been my inspiration and the person who helped me believe I could do this. Thank you Annette.

What is the good/bad/ugly of sailing at this stage in your life?


All my clothes stink of diesel. I want to be able to sail proficiently immediately. We haven't got a working inside shower.

We are not ready to leave yet. With the pandemic, we are not sure how long it will be before we can really set off. This may effect us as we are not getting any younger!


I'm learning more every time we go out for a sail. I find it exhilarating. I am really trying to sail on my instincts and feeling the wind and boat rather than relying on the gadgets.

I also love that I have made many new friends. It will be great meeting up on the seas in the future.

What are your plans for the future?

To sail as much as I can. To sail to places I have yet to see. To witness as many sunrises and sunsets as I possibly can. To just enjoy life in my new found passion.

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